Head of School
"We value the uniqueness of every child. We value "warm perfection" in all we do."


Head of Finance and Administration
"We pride ourselves on welcoming people from all cultures and backgrounds, ensuring they feel they have arrived at a fantastic school!"

Miss Cathy

Primary Teacher
"I believe in nurturing and enthusiasm, not only for learning but also for playing."

Miss Lemonia

Preschool Teacher
"You are the first person a child encounters in his or her school career."

Miss Yella

Preschool Teacher
"I love to provide a safe place for our childern to grow and learn, with enough time to play and rest."

Miss Stephanie

PE and Primary Teacher
"The school's wide diversity of cultures is reflected in my lessons."

Miss Marta

Music Teacher
"Creativity and music is as important in education as literacy."

Miss Leen

Dutch teacher
"Students really love learning the language of their host country."
    Ms Carol, Co-Head of School, ISL
    We all care deeply about each and every child that we have the privilege of working with.

    Ms Carol, Co-Head of School

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