An exciting penpalship

Our children have begun a beautiful writing project with the elderly residents of Sint Vincentius Woonzorgcentrum, here in Leuven. Today they were delighted to recieve their replies and eager to write back. This penpal friendship across generations, not only engages children in purposeful writing but also spreads joy and kindness in these challenging times.


A letter from a resident at the Sint-Vincentius Retirement home:

“To all the teachers of ISL, thank you for giving us this project. I admire that you are all giving your best to your students and that you care for them so well. I was also an educator for 40 years. Now I am 93 years old. It is difficult enough to care for your own children. And for you it’s even harder because you have to consider all your students different nationalities. A huge congratulations to all you teachers for this beautiful work”

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