Leuven is a vibrant city with a rich history and a lively multi-cultural atmosphere. The city is surrounded by charming small villages, woods and nature. ISL is located only 20 km away from Brussels. Our school is easily accessible by public transport and very close to the E40 highway.

lively multi-cultural atmosphere

Practical info

Our school is dedicated to total transparency, fairness and correctness in our fee structure.
We aim to develop a sense of students’ own nationalities and cultures, at the same time growing a profound respect for the nationalities and cultures of others.

  • All children will also receive lessons in Dutch; French is also taught in Upper-Primary.
  • School starts at 8.45h and ends at 15.35h. On Wednesdays school ends at 12.25h.
  • Every week ISL sends out a newsletter to parents with practical information, announcements of all kind (educational, cultural, ...), pictures, ...
  • Hot meals available.

Our policies, fees

One-time admission fee: 800 euros. Annual tuition fee: 11.536 euros. If you want to enrol your child at the International School of Leuven, please contact us at admissions@isleuven.org.
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    It’s a blessing to see how, through digital learning, even our youngest pupils rise above themselves.

    Miss Cathy, primary teacher

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