We offer our children a variety of activities, which give them the opportunity to broaden their imagination and to encourage creativity. That’s what drives us, every day.

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International School of Leuven aims to offer quality in education in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

International School of Leuven is expanding its team


Head of School
"We value the uniqueness of every child. We value "warm perfection" in all we do."

Miss Sinead

School Secretary
"I perform many tasks but often serve as a liaison among children, teachers and parents."

Miss Cathy

Primary Teacher
"I believe in nurturing and enthousiasm, not only for learning but also for playing."

Miss Kaatje

Primary Teacher
"Learning is about developing personal, emotional and social skills."

Miss Lemonia

Preschool Teacher
"You are the first person a child encounters in his or her school career."

Miss Yella

Preschool Teacher
"I love to provide a safe place for our childern to grow and learn, with enough time to play and rest."

Miss Stephanie

PE and Primary Teacher
"The school's wide diversity of cultures is reflected in my lessons."

Miss Bara

Early Years Teacher
"Young children learn by exploring. That is why I adapt my teaching to their style of learning."

Miss Caroline

Art Teacher
"Creativity is as important in education as literacy."

Miss Lize

Dutch teacher
"Students really love learning the language of their host country."

Miss Anne

Primary teacher
"Maths is not about numbers and equations, it is about understanding."

Miss Lauren

French teacher
"Learning French in an entertaining way, c'est tellement plus amusant."

Mister John

Primary teacher
"Fascinating to see how the children make progress in a wide range of subjects."

Miss Elien

Dutch teacher
"Learning Dutch step by step so that the children will feel more at home here."

Miss Marcelle

Music teacher
"Music is an amazing tool for teaching languages, especially to children."
    Mr Chris, Head of School ISL
    We all care deeply about each and every child that we have the privilege of working with.

    Mr Chris, Head of School

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